Wax Print Master Class by Dionne Gooding in Paris 27th May 2017 April 23, 2017 18:44

Dionne Gooding London in Paris

27th-28th May 2017

Salon Boucles 'd'Ebene. 

Here we will be selling our products as well as holding a Wax Print Master Class.

As women we collect loads of accessories which we constantly wear for a short period of time, only to discard them when something more exciting comes along.

Now it's time to bring them back to life with Dionne Gooding!

Bring your own accessories; earrings and bangles.

Dionne Gooding London
Will provide the materials

Here we will teach you how to revamp your accessories using wax print fabrics

Please register your interest for our Online Master class and Customising Starter Kit.



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